"Building Dreams: OneMindSet's Holistic Approach to Community Transformation"

The New & Improve OMS 24/7 Services Are Backed By A Holistic Research Goal Focused On Rebuilding A Community To Remove Hidden Barriers That Stop Us From Our Potential

Written By: The OneMindSet Foundation & Copyright By The OneMindSet Corporation

Sept 4,2023

"Building Dreams: OneMindSet's Holistic Approach to Community Transformation"

*All 18 Services Will Be Functional On Sept 18.2023*

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Just Like Jalen Hurts' Faith to Never Waver, We Provide the Same Passion for Efficient Change in Your Community with Our OMS 24/7 Services.

The Power of the OMS App:
Do You Have the OMS App on Your Phone? Probably Not, But This Is Why You Should! Our DreamChaser App Is Coming to a Phone Near You, With a Holistic Goal of Uplifting a Community. We've Been Silently on the Ground, Building the Needed Platform for the App to Transform the Way We Collaborate with Local Community Partners to Provide Efficient Data-Proven Change.

Financial Literacy for Independence:
Where's the Money for Our Communities, You Say? We Provide Financial Literacy from Our Book, "The Art of Hustle Vol.1," Copyrighted by The OneMindSet Foundation. The Goal Is to Allow Our Communities to Learn Essential Money Management Skills for Financial Independence.

Unlocking Hidden Potential:
We Need the Knowledge to Get Higher Paying Jobs at a Young Age. Bet We Got the Answer. We Provide Job Shadowing Through Knowledge-Based Training, Earning the OMS Badge and Allowing You to Explore Your Hidden Potential While Charting Your Aspirations.

Life's Vital Lessons:
Life Is All Mental! We Hear That All the Time! Where's the Knowledge Dawg? We Provide Weekly Seminar Classes Covering Vital Life Topics to Help You Progress Through Life.

Balancing Learning and Fun:
Man, We're Tired of Learning. When Can We Have Some Fun? Life's Already Hard Enough. We Provide Community Carnivals Fostering a Sense of Unity and Economic Participation.

Daily Motivation and Empowerment:
Is the Founder Really This Smart, or Is That Someone Else? Well, Book 'Em and Let Him Drop That Knowledge, Then Leave a Review. The OneMindSet Speaking Package Offers Speeches Offering Daily Motivation, Empowerment, and Business Enhancement.

Nutrition for Success:
How Can We Rebuild Our Communities If We Are Starving? Nutritional Programs: We Provide Healthy Meal Preps That You Can Order for the Week or the Month.

Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders:
We Need More Leaders in Our Community. Mentorship Program: The DreamChaser Program Fosters Leadership Development with Our #BeOne Curriculum.

Real-World Success:
Okay, I Got the Knowledge, but Life's Hard. How Do I Win? Real-World-Readiness Programs: Programs Curated So Our World Changers Can Enroll and Track Their Real-World Success.

Elevating Athletic Potential:
I Want to Be Like the Founder and Be an All-American So I Can Uplift the Community with My Platform! Say Less Fam. Sports Training: OMS Athletics Training Where We Provide Group Training and 1-on-1 Classes, Providing Division One Resources to Turn You Into an Optimal Human While Efficiently Tracking Your Change.

Academic Excellence:
I Read the Book Like the Founder Said. My Baby Classroom Sizes Are Too Big for His Brain Development. Bet Say Less; Check Us Out Fam. Tutoring: Connecting Our World Changes to Dedicated Tutoring Services Based on Individualized Needs.

Community Revitalization:
Why Is Everybody Leaving the Block Instead of Fixing It? Lack of Understanding Community Development, But We Got You. Neighborhood Revitalization: Providing Knowledge-Based Resources and Community Involvement for Rebuilding Our Communities to Thrive Again.

Style and Substance:
Bro, It's an Event Tonight; I Gotta Put It On. You're Supposed to Want to Look Your Best. Great Idea, but Let's Strive for Street Excellence! Clothing Brand: A Clothing Brand That Promotes Street Excellence and Freedom to the Brain. Funds From Our Brand Directly Fuel Groundbreaking Brain Research. Every Purchase Unlocks Human Potential.

Daily Motivation:
Bro Today's Not My Day! That's Not Fine; Let Me Uplift You With This Knowledge. Daily Inspiration: Daily Motivational Text Encouraging You to Win the Moment. You Are One Day Away from Your Dream.

Empowering Communities:
One Band, One Sound! This Is Why ATL Is So Lit Right Now. Holistic Community Empowerment: Empowering Individuals and Communities, Fostering Leadership.

Digital Marketing Expertise:
People Need to See the Change You Are Making. Digital Marketing Services: We Provide Digital Marketing Packages to Help Reach the Audience You Need for Your Business.

AI Integration:
Yeah Bro, the Future's Now; They're Making Songs With Robots Now. AI Integration: We Provide AI Integration Packages to Help Those Small Business Owners Who Are Going Solo for Their Dreams Sustain Their Business and Avoid Burnout While Accomplishing Their Goals.

Business Consulting:
Bro, That Last Mindset Mastery Session Changed My Life. When Is the Next One? Business Consulting Services: Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Gain One-On-One Coaching to Learn the Art of Hustle for Creating the Best Dream Portfolio.

Connecting Communities:
What's the End Goal, Fam? The OneMindSet Foundation Acts as a Central Hub Connecting Schools and Community to Bold Changes In Your Communities.

A Bright Future Ahead:
Oh Yeah, Forgot to Mention, Chanse Sylvie Will Be the First-Ever OMS Specialist at Booker T. Washington High School in Shreveport, LA. He and Mrs. Crystal, Principal of BTW, Have Teamed Up to Run the First-Ever Pilot Program and Created a Comprehensive Campus Plan to Turn BTW Into the #1 Leadership Development High School in the World.

Stay Tuned for Change:
#OneMindSet #OMS Forever in Your Community #BeOne Dream

"Uplift as You Climb. One Child at a Time. One Dream at a Time. And in Due Time, Our Community Will Climb." - The OneMindSet Motto

With Passion, Knowledge, and a Commitment to Change, OneMindSet Is Uplifting Communities, One Dream at a Time. Stay Tuned for the Transformation!