DreamChaser Of The Week September 4,2023

Written By The OneMindSet Foundation 

Sept 4,2023

Happy Labor Day 


Season 3: Kingdom Building

  • What Is a DreamChaser?

The OneMindSet Definition of a DreamChaser Is "The Act Of Hunting God Given Images and Turning Them into Reality." Inside Our Mentorship Course, We Teach Our World Changers How to #BeOne Dream – A Holistic Approach to Bringing All Talents Together to Manifest a Dream.

  • Turning Dreams into Reality

Now That We Know What a DreamChaser Is, We've Been on the Ground Working Efficiently to Help Turn Our World Changers' Dreams into Reality. So, When You See Season 3: Kingdom Building, Understand That It Means Building The OneMindSet Kingdom to Help Our DreamChasers Build Their Kingdoms, Which, in Turn, Will Help Build Our Communities.

  • Celebrating Success

Last Week, on August 28, 2023, We Featured Landon Sylvie, the Little Brother of Our Founder Chanse Sylvie. Chanse Sylvie Was an All-Around All-American on the Field, in the Classroom, and in the Community. His Brother Is on the Same Trajectory, If Not Better. Last Week, He Won Athlete of the Week and Helped Lead the Calvary Cavaliers to Victory Over LoganSport.

  • Video


  • Capturing the Journey

We Will Follow Up With Landon This Week to Ensure These Kodaks Are Capturing the Present Moment of Turning Dreams Into Reality. Also, We Will Be in the Community All Week Long, Creating Change. If You See the OneMindSet Logo Nearby, Throw Your Fist Up; Change Is Near.

  • Believe in Yourself

We Pride Ourselves on Efficient, Data-Proven Change That Rewires the Brain From a Hardware of Lack of Belief to a Brain That Believes That the Earth Is Your Field, and You Are Here to Make Plays on the Field Daily to Be the Best YOU.

  • Turning Dreams Into Reality

Now, How Can You Turn Your Dreams Into Reality Today? Start By Believing in Your Vision, Take Actionable Steps Towards Your Goals, and Surround Yourself With Like-Minded Individuals Who Support Your Journey. Remember, It All Begins With The Mindset – You Can Be The DreamChaser of Your Own Life's Story. #OneMindSet #DreamChaser #BelieveInYourself