Where does your story begin?

Roots of Despair and Dreams

From the streets of Shreveport, Louisiana, where despair often seemed like the only companion, emerged a story of determination, grit, and unyielding perseverance. A story where dreams dared to defy realities, and where hope outshone hardships.


Born in a place that many would find it easy to surrender to, I chose a different path. Surrounded by despair, I was fueled with a passion to seek more from life. My journey wasn't about escaping; it was about elevating.


By the age of 18, I'd turned every challenge into a stepping stone. High school? Graduated in three years with honors. Sports? Ranked among the top 300 athletes nationwide, with accolades like an Army All American title, 2x State Champion, and a business owner to my name. The world saw potential; I saw a promise I had made to myself.


The University of Oklahoma became my next proving ground. Five consecutive Big 12 Championships, three colossal college football playoff games, and victories at the Cotton and Sugar Bowls were just the athletic side of the story. Off the field, I was honored with numerous awards for my unwavering commitment to social justice, service, and academic excellence.


Education? I achieved two Bachelor of Arts degrees in just two years and further ventured into Master's coursework, spanning Global Affairs to an MBA. I became a voice that resonated in the corridors of the Oklahoma State Capitol, a changemaker who led significant police reforms, and a beacon of hope as I launched The OneMindSet Foundation.


Yet, life wasn't always trophies and titles. I faced losses, both on the personal front and on the field, including a painful injury during a crucial phase. But every setback only reiterated my life's purpose: uplifting others. Today, I wear the badge of '#ThePeoplesChamps' with pride.


At The OneMindSet Foundation, we believe in transformations. Not the ones that just change circumstances but those that change lives. We're not here to dictate futures; we're here to empower them. Through our programs, we strive to make every individual realize their boundless potential and infinite worth.


My arsenal? A rich repository of knowledge. From ancient wisdom to modern-day strategies, from historical truths to psychological insights, I've drenched my mind with enlightening reads that have sculpted my path and vision.


If you're looking for a tale of unyielding determination, a blueprint for making dreams reality, or a beacon of hope in challenging times, you've found it. Dive deeper into my story, embrace the OneMindSet philosophy, and let's together turn dreams into realities, one step, one day, one child at a time.


The Scholar's Arsenal


Knowledge has been my compass and guide. These titles have molded my thoughts and vision:

- The Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs

- The Game of Life and How to Play It

- The Power of Broke Brand

- The Destruction of the Black Civilization

- A Black History Reader

- Stamped from the Beginning

- Marcus Garvey

- 48 Laws of Power

- Art of War

- Assata

- PowerNomics

- The New Jim Crow

- Words That Change Minds

- How to Achieve Everything You Want But Faster

- Message to the Blackman

- The Developmental Psychology of the Black Child

- Mamba Mentality

- The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

- As a Man Thinketh

- When the World Was Black Pt. 1

- When the World Was Black Pt. 2

- Brain Rules

- Hood Health Book

- 4 Disciplines of Execution

- How to Make a City Great

- Psychocybernetics

- The Psychology of Money

- The Richest Man in Babylon