A Giving Mindset

As the holiday season approaches, the OneMindSet Foundation recognizes that many families are struggling to make ends meet. And, to support and help these families, the OneMindSet Foundation is hosting a “A Giving Mindset” on November 20, 2021, where families in the Shreveport community can receive a hot meal in a safe and fun environment. At The Hattie Perry Park Community Center

“A Giving Mindset” will be a holiday-centered community event where families can receive a hot meal. This event will be family-centric and community-minded with games for kids like BINGO, “cake walks”, ring toss, hopscotch, jump rope, and board games; and, the adults will be able to play like BINGO, spades, dominoes, and Uno. Local entrepreneurs will be able to set up vendor booths and pop-up shops to help them grow their businesses, revitalize commerce in our city, and provide low-cost holiday gift options for their neighbors. Families will also be able to sign up for the Angel Tree program, where they make their family wish list and then create a special keepsake ornament for their holiday angels. #OneMindSet  !