OneMindSet 24/7 

What our everyday service can provide!

  •  The OneMindSet Foundation is a Boldly in your face foundation who will face any challenges to deliver opportunity for all our communities to thrive just as Black Wall Street once did!


      •  Programs such as financial literacy to start guiding our kids and our families to teach them different financial freedom tactics.


      • Job shadowing (Your King/Queen Journey) college tours, just like collegiate prospects receive, so should our future world changers in our community.


      • Weekly seminar classes to teach the black community real-life lessons that should have been taught in schools, such as taxes, credit, business credit, renting, rental classes, trucking, carpenter, stocks, and other work industries.


      • Carnivals for families that fit each season to promote community togetherness Greatness Speech to inspire kids who may have lost hope (or) have lost touch with reality due to the pandemic forcing us to be virtual.


      • Breakfast Programs to families who may need it to give the needed energy for our world changers to succeed. /After-school programs for families who may need it!


      • Mentorship program to help guide kids to be the world changers they are meant to be.


      • Real-World-Readiness programs to help prepare our world changers for college, trade, or certificates to help prepare and become game changers in the real world.


      • Sports training to help develop kids to be better Student-Athletes.


      •  Tutoring for children that may need the extra help.


      • Own our Turf / Hood (buying back our hoods).


      • Clothing Brand that’ll fund inner-city schools instead of house taxes.


      • Daily inspiration to uplift and give hope to our community to know we can do hard things.


      • Plan of action that’ll help every black community standalone just as Black Wall Street once did!