The OneMindSet Action Plan
Why we were created!
We are the consequences of everyone’s actions before. We are a consequence of everyone’s attempts to break a systemic plan to keep our people from knowing their true potential. See, we were never oppressed or the minority at one point in history. We thrived and reigned for many years and created the civilization that we see today. So how can we go from creating a society to barely surviving society? That’s as if I told you Alabama would lose every game for 400 years but keep the same recruits in that time span! You’ll say no, impossible they will have to have one winning season at least? If the recruits are the same, it’s not a question of talents or ability! But now a question of the player’s development and understanding of the game! So I ask you, how do we go from creating the game and thriving in it to never having a winning season? You’ll ask what happen? I’ll respond with Mental Barriers on the mind!
Developing Winning Culture 
To have a winning team, you have to develop culture, so when a first-year student walks on campus, he already knows how greatness looks. He doesn’t have to ask what to do to be great because it’s shown to him every day, and he can then mimic it. I’m explaining that our culture in under-resourced communities doesn’t show us how to be great. As you see in every other community, under-Resourced communities have no developed community or culture to live by. It’s easy to tell a child to want better, but at the end of the day, he has to see the possibility of better to imagine himself becoming that. So with no culture in our community to show our Kings and Queens how to be great, we will statistically always lose! We have a saying at The OneMindSet Foundation don’t talk about the problem for too long. Immediately look for the solution! 
That’s where The OneMindSet Foundation comes in. 
What is the OneMindSet Foundation? 
First, you have to start with what does Foundation means?
Foundation means the building block or layer you build on top of. Every house has a foundation you build upon so it can withstand the test of time and weather the storm. 
Sole Purpose 
The OneMindSet Foundation’s sole purpose is to create a foundation for our inner-city communities and provide the blueprint and necessary resources to help to show how Under-Resource communities should operate. Just as Black Wall Street once did. As you would see, AT&T and your subconscious say they are here to provide internet or cellular coverage. When you think of the OneMindSet Foundation, we want your subconscious to know that we are here to provide uplift to every Under-Resourced community in hopes of bringing them out of the restraints of poverty into being a well-established community just as we have seen from the Asian, Jewish, and the Hispanic that it is possible. These communities were built because they defined their culture and stood by their people. Our goal at The OneMindSet Foundation is to define our lost culture and ensure we can have our Under-Resourced communities thrive just as Black Wall Street once did. If someone socially engineered you into poverty, you have to engineer yourself out of it socially. This is where The OneMindSet Foundation comes in.
How is this possible? 
Just as you have college player development to help players chase their dreams while dealing with reality, The OneMindSet Foundation is here to help you pursue your dreams while dealing with reality. See, breakthroughs happen because of two things. Either enough stress and you snap, or someone comes along and shows you can be more. An under-Resourced environment brings enough stress day in and day out. The OneMindSet Foundation shows you that you can be more and give you the tools and resources. I mean this by helping under-resourced communities climb by laying the blueprint to our next generation to help them become world changers. The proceeds we create from our clothing brands allow us to implement these programs and give the needed resources to help our next generation see they can be more. We have deemed necessary 15 pilot programs that can establish the building blocks for developing our communities, and you are currently reading one. In US history, it’s been written since the Willie Lynch papers and well before to keep us divided so our communities will always be dysfunctional. 
The US Government 
Once you put into perspective that the US Government is an enormous corporation whose sole purpose is to collect money to help the 50 states under the United States corporation thrive. We can be the corporation whose sole purpose is to help under-resourced communities thrive.
What we will do
Our Foundation will be the corporation solely for inner-city communities to help uplift us out of the restraints systemically placed on us. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated eleven months before being brutally assassinated that it’s easy for people to come together and fight a noticeable enemy, but when it’s time to fight an enemy you can’t see, but that’s been programmed to stop inner-city communities from progressing with the rest of society. Our Foundation knows the enemy we can’t see. We have to make a national plan than educate behind that plan. For instance, Employed Black men were more likely than employed men of other race and ethnicity groups to work in transportation and utilities (14 percent). With the rise of technology, those jobs will be obsolete. At a Houston preparatory college school, their funding for STEM education and college outreach programs is $270k. We want to provide this in every inner-city community school to develop our future world changers into leading the charge in the AI race. 
What is a Non-Profit 
With our Foundation being a non-profit organization, we can operate just as the United States government, which collects our taxes to fund government agencies. Instead of paying taxes to a government that was never designed for the minorities. We can operate as The Heart Of The Hood and accept money which can be considered a tax write-off for each individual. That money will be strategically placed back into each community to help it grow and stand alone, just as Black Wall Street once did. Black America is in the top 20th richest nation on earth. “Black America’s” $836 billion would have put it in 16th place, above Indonesia, and below South Korea. Target Market News hasn’t published another estimate on African-American’s earned income since 2011, but a 2013 report by the Selig Center for Economic Growth pegs their contribution to the market at $1 trillion. That would also rank 16th above Indonesia and below Mexico. The black dollar only circulates one time in its community because there isn’t a defined Black community. Imagine the possibilities if it were this would be how The OneMindSet Foundation will change the course of history against the fight of systemic racism that has held us back for so many years. By laying the blueprint and defining and establishing our communities to thrive just as Black Wall Street and help circulate the Black Dollar to create a thriving community to help raise the next generations of World Changers. You can’t raise a child without a community. Now let’s build our communities.
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“Uplift as you climb. One child at a time, and in due time our community will climb.” - The OneMindSet Motto.